Kari Weber

REACH Program Manager
(805) 565-7550 ext. 118

Kari develops and Implements Community Involvement, Personal Development, Post Secondary Education, and Financial Literacy components of REACH programming. 
Kari grew up in Wisconsin and made the big move west for college. She began working with students while she herself was still a student!  Before joining the REACH team, Kari worked as a School Counselor, Outdoor Educator, Adventure Guide, English Language Teacher, After School Director, and Swim Instructor.   Through these experiences, she realized that she feels the most personal reward from helping to empower others through new experiences, education and personal growth.   She recently completed her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in student mentoring. Outside of work- and occasionally as a part of work- she likes to hike, surf, travel, cross-country and water ski, foster her relationships with family and  friends, and she claims to be an expert in the hunt for good deals at rummage sales.