Focus Area:Early Childhood EducationOutdoor Classroom Project

Current Outdoor Classroom Demonstration and Recognized Sites

The Outdoor Classroom Demonstration Site Network (DSN) in Santa Barbara County is an outgrowth of the Outdoor Classroom Project in Los Angeles County where it has first been established and is currently operating. 


To provide a variety of child care centers demonstrating the Outdoor Classroom so that other centers will have a better chance of seeing the Outdoor Classroom in a center close to them and in one that looks like theirs. These “Demonstration Centers” must have a uniform commitment to the Outdoor Classroom and a functioning Outdoor Classroom that meets selected criteria, but it is expected that the form of their Outdoor Classroom will be unique to each center.

To increase visibility and accessibility of demonstration centers of the Outdoor Classroom for staff of child care centers throughout Santa Barbara County.  

To build awareness, credibility and enthusiasm to achieve widespread support for and implementation of the Outdoor Classroom concept and practice. Demonstration Centers are not only examples, but also articulate and active advocates effectively “spreading the word.”

To provide support for the Outdoor Classroom initiative by contributing ideas, research data, and other input that further develop both the concept and the content of the initiative. 

Centers that are interested in becoming demonstration sites should review the following documents:

Demonstration or Recognized Site Application and Commitment Statement