Connecting students with skill building
opportunities and positive adults to expand
their sense of possibility and potential.
Guiding students to determine a post
high school plan that will set them
 on a path towards a bright future.
Challenging students to discover themselves
and the world around them.
Strengthening students’ sense of,
and contribution to, community.

Encouraging habits that promote good
health for students and their families.
Focus Area:Youth DevelopmentREACH


REACH is an experiential education program for motivated high school students from California's Santa Barbara County that prepares them to take control of their future. REACH (which stands for Resilience, Education, Adventure, Community and Health) works to prepare students for lives of purposeful action, continuous learning, and the courageous pursuit of opportunity.

NOTE: During the process of retiring The Orfalea Fund, REACH has suspended student recruitment.

Students are accepted during their sophomore year in high school and remain in the program for 4 years, generally through their second year of post secondary education. Students begin their program by participating in a summer of outdoor adventure education full of activities such as hiking, backpacking, rock climbing or canoeing. Then, during the school year, students participate in programming that focuses on skill building opportunities in high school and post secondary education, career exploration, outdoor adventure education, personal development, food and financial literacy, and community involvement. View or download the REACH summary flyer.

By participating in this program, students commit to themselves, their families and REACH that they are willing to put in the time and energy to explore their potential and strive to achieve their goals.

Applications are available each fall for low-income high school sophomores from Santa Barbara County. The deadline for application submission takes place each January.