Focus Area:Youth DevelopmentREACH

Program Outline


Students are accepted into the four year program as sophomores in high school.  During his or her time with us, the student gets many opportunities to build skills that prepare him or her to pursue an education beyond high school, and learn how to set and achieve ambitious goals. We  provide opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills.  We maintain strong communication with parents and guardians throughout, integrating them into the students' experience.    

Below are key elements of focus. Learning opportunities are offered during the summer, as well as evenings and weekends during the school year.  Students are expected to participate in programming and maintain contact with program staff regularly. 


Post Secondary/Career Exploration

Students get the opportunity to explore various options for pursing education after high school. Many students do not know what their choices are, or how to go about making such a decision. In our program, we take students through the process, including financial options, possible areas of study, and possible careers, to help students create an education plan. 





Time in the outdoors provides incredible opportunities for students to learn about themselves, communicate with others, work in teams, challenge themselves to work hard, and follow a task through to completion. Outdoor expeditions improve students’ physical and mental health, concentration, and desire to learn. In our program, students begin with a significant wilderness experience, where they hike, backpack, canoe or rock climb. This first summer trip is generally 3 weeks long, with additional day and weekend activities during the year to continue the students' learning and outdoor opportunities.



Personal Development

We provide students an opportunity to improve their leadership and communication skills to connect more deeply with others. Using an emotional intelligence framework, we help students better articulate their thoughts and feelings, and better understand those of others. This results in greater self-awareness, self-control, and self-direction.  








Health & Wellness

Food, cooking skills, and the natural environment are critical to our physical health and the health of our families and communities. When people are knowledgeable about food, where it comes from, and how to prepare it, they make better choices and do so more efficiently, saving both time and money. Students in this program learn basic cooking techniques, where food comes from, and how to make healthy choices for both themselves and the environment. 



Financial Literacy

Knowing what to do with money - how to save and make wise financial decisions - is unfortunately very uncommon in our culture today. Through our program, students learn the basics of money management, how to save for college and future investments, and how to avoid common financial problems.




Community Involvement

We believe it is important for young people to understand the resources their community has to offer, as well as the ways they can contribute to the wellbeing of society as a whole. We connect students with opportunities to give back and participate in their neighborhood and beyond.