Coalition for Sustainable Transportation (COAST)

COAST surveys community members about their transportation needs and communicates with government officials and planners to ensure the needs are addressed in the transportation funding process.

The Safe Routes to School (SR2S) program promotes walking and biking to school through education and incentives that show how much fun it can be. SR2S also addresses the safety concerns of parents by encouraging greater enforcement of traffic laws, educating the public, and exploring ways to create safer streets.

COAST coordinates the efforts of 20 agency and community partners, including the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, the PTA Safety Committee, various government and law enforcement agencies, Traffic Solutions and the Diabetes Resource Center. SR2S has developed a school zone safety assessment, safety videos, and an education and safety-training program. SR2S also distributes low-cost bicycle helmets (free to low-income children).  The Orfalea Foundation has partnered with COAST on the Safe Routes to Schools at Cleveland Elementary School, and a recent expansion into Franklin Elementary and Adelante Charter School, and other schools in the Santa Barbara area.  The program integrates health, fitness, traffic relief, environmental awareness and safety under one program.