Santa Barbara Foundation

The Orfalea Fund has had a multi-year relationship with the Santa Barbara Foundation, and annually makes a contribution toward their competitive Strategy Grants, Express Grants, and Non-profit Excellence. 

This relationship began as we looked to the Santa Barbara Foundation (SBF) for local expertise in supporting the broad array of community organizations. We felt that SBF is able to manage our resources more broadly, and more efficiently, than we could ourselves. As a result, many Santa Barbara County non-profit organizations will now apply directly to the Santa Barbara Foundation, not the Orfalea Foundation, to be considered for grants.

This collaboration has produced a greater return per philanthropic dollar and reduces work for agencies that have sought support from both foundations. In the past, there has been overlap in grant-making between the Santa Barbara Foundation and the Orfalea Foundation, and it is our desire to streamline administration and paperwork for all involved.