Focus Area:EducationSchool Food Initiative

About Us

The School Food Initiative envisions the children of Santa Barbara County making healthy food choices throughout their lives.

Our Objective

The mission of the School Food Initiative is to empower school districts in Santa Barbara County to implement and sustain nourishing cook-from-scratch food programs.

Our Vision

  • The children of Santa Barbara County make healthy food choices
    throughout their lives.
  • School Food Service Departments have trained staff, infrastructure
    and equipment to efficiently cook from scratch.
  • School Food Service Departments are fiscally healthy.
  • School Food Service Departments support the local food system
    by providing a consistent demand for local produce.
  • School Districts value food literacy as a skill that helps students maintain
    good health. School gardens are a valued and expected part of the learning experience.
  • Food Service Departments evolve into Food Systems Departments that account
    for the health and environmental impacts of all phases of operation, from
    procurement to waste management.
  • Public policies promote school meals as wholesome nourishment and cultural enrichment.
  • The School Food Initiative creates a replicable model of school food reform
    to share with other communities.