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Ideas In Action

School Food enthusiasts across the county come up with creative and innovative practices to increase efficiency, participation, and economic sustainability of their meal programs. For the latest Ideas in Action, please visit

Here are some tips, tricks, and exciting stories about reducing waste, improving quality, and inspiring one another with creativity and commitment!

Recess Before Lunch in Los Olivos

A simple schedule change allows students to better enjoy recess, better enjoy their lunch break, and return to class ready to learn.

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The Great Tomato Glean

School Food, Veggie Rescue, and an Ambitious Chef Work Together to Save Some Dough While Making Sauce

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Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Healthy Gravy

How to make real turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy for 2,800 students and deliver it to 9 different schools before 11:00 AM.

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Eliminating Styro-Foam from Elementary Cafeterias

How one district replaced styrofoam with compostable goods.

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Fun Rice Bowls

A cute idea to add some fun to your presentation of Asian rice bowl recipes.

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Homemade - Bake Healthier Breakfast Items from Scratch

Tips to modify baked good recipes for better nutrition.

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