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Our Work

Since 2007, School Food has worked directly with administrators, food service staff, teachers, parents, students, and community partners to promote scratch cooking in participating school districts. See below to learn more about School Food's projects.

Culinary Boot Camp

The School Food Initiative conducts week-long training events, called Culinary Boot Camps, for food service staff throughout Santa Barbara County.  Working alongside Chef Educators and their peers, attendees practice the skills required to integrate more scratch cooking techniques into school kitchens.

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Farm to School

School Food's Farm to School component connects local farmers with school kitchens. With an abundance of agricultural products and farms of all sizes, Santa Barbara County serves as an ideal location for this effort.

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In-Service Culinary Support

After a week of intensive training at Culinary Boot Camp, food service workers return to their kitchens inspired to make kitchen improvements and to implement the lessons learned.

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Jr. Chef Day

Jr. Chef Day cooking events were an early technique we used to bring food-based education into the elementary school setting. These events created excitement and enthusiasm in the school community, taught young people about where food comes from, and, in a natural way, encouraged them to try new foods.

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The School Food Initiative funded FoodPlay Productions performances in participating elementary schools to teach students and the school community about the importance of healthy eating.

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Strategic Funding

The School Food Initiative is uniquely positioned to support school districts and non-profit organizations in Santa Barbara County through strategic funding.

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School Gardens

Gardens connect students to the food they eat and the environment they live in, encouraging them to make healthy choices for their bodies and their world. Visit the Explore Ecology School Gardens page HERE.

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