Focus Area:EducationSchool Food Initiative

School Gardens

Gardens connect students to the food they eat and the environment they live in, encouraging them to make healthy choices for their bodies and their world. Visit the Explore Ecology School Gardens page HERE.

  • Gardens foster community by connecting students, teachers, school staff, parents, and volunteers.
  • Gardens bring education to life by providing a rich environment that inspires students and allows for the integration of multiple curriculum subjects.
  • Gardens provide an opportunity to teach responsibility, respect, and cooperation.

Benefits of School Gardens

Studies published since 2001 cite the benefits of school gardens. Some of the major findings conclude that:

  • Student participation in garden-based learning increases academic achievement
  • Gardens create a positive learning environment for teachers and students
  • Students involved in garden-based learning consume more fresh produce and are more likely to try healthy new foods
  • Gardens enhance the psychosocial development of youth
  • Gardens engage many types of learners in interdisciplinary activities